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Hales Chapel Family,

We are blessed at HCBC to have gifted and talented people leading us in musical worship each week. It is easy to take each of these servants for granted. Let me encourage you to pray for them as they prepare each week. Also, let me encourage you to say thanks. With that said I want to give a special shout out to Fiona Hocutt for the beautiful solo she sang for us on Sunday. WOW!

HCBC Kids Café closed on Sunday but not before raising $1,015! This money will reduce the cost for the ones attending children’s summer camp. Thanks for the wonderful support as you purchased breakfast items during the six weeks of operation. Also, special thanks for all the parents who donated food items and their time to serve in the kitchen.
We have been faithful to pray for Carsyn Tedder regarding her medical issues. Many of us know the financial strain that medical problems can place upon a family’s budget. During the entire month of May we will be collecting a Love Offering to assist Haley and Lee with some of these expenses. You may give during Sunday School or during the worship service, or you may give it directly to Dorothy Lentz, church treasurer. Write Carsyn Tedder on the envelope.

We always have Manna for Missions on fifth Sundays. The next one will be this Sunday, May 29th, after the worship service. The food theme is picnic related, but I assure you we will eat anything you bring even if it is not picnic related. The money donated will go to assist the Hocutts as they have their next training in Colorado this summer. The plans are for the entire family to attend, so expenses are significant. This is an opportunity for us to assist them as we express our love and support for this family. The suggested donation amount for the meal is $5 per person but if you aren’t able to give that amount give what you can or don’t give anything, but still stay for the meal and fellowship. However, let me also say there is nothing stopping you from giving more than $5 per person!

This Sunday will be the last day for Dakota to be with us as our Youth Pastor. We love Dakota and Tristany and will miss them as they leave HCBC. Dakota has already started his new job with the seminary’s Facilities Department and they will be moving into seminary housing by June 4th. They have peace about this decision. Dakota will continue to focus on his studies at Southeastern. We want to be in prayer for the youth as transitions bring new opportunities but also challenges. Pray for the Youth Council as they provide extra leadership during this transition. Pray for the church as we go through the process of determining the Lord’s person to be the next Youth Pastor at HCBC.

Devotional Thought: 1 Ki 11:4 When Solomon was old, his wives seduced him to follow other gods. He was not completely devoted to Yahweh his God, as his father David had been. Solomon “was not completely devoted to Yahweh.” A man who was known as the wisest man alive was not as wise as he should have been. He was covering all of his bases with the false gods because of his wives, so he became sidetracked in his devotion to God. The allure of the world can detract any follower of the Lord, if we don’t stay focused. When we are no longer “completely devoted” then we continue to drift further and further away from the Lord. Let’s make sure we are not drifting away from God. Let’s stay committed to Him.

Ø Lori Smoot speaking during Prayer Meeting, May 25th
Ø Manna for Missions for Hocutts, May 29th
Ø Baked Goods Auction for Honduras Team, June 5th
Ø Youth Missions Trip June 20-25, 2016
Ø Children’s Summer Camp June 20-24, 2016
Ø Vacation Bible School: June 27 to July 1, 2016
Ø Honduras Missions Trip July 8-15, 2016
Ø Youth Summer Camp July 17-21, 2016