We have Sunday School classes for adults in all stages of life.

College and Career

Our class is for young men and women (single or married) ages 18-30 who are transitioning from high school to college or college to career. Our class is informal and relaxed. We like to joke around and have a good time. We also openly share our struggles with life and trying to live life for Christ so we can encourage one another.

Beulah Bunn Class

Our class welcomes married, single, or widowed adults ages 60 and above.  We strive each week to study God’s Word in an atmosphere of love, friendship, acceptance, and encouragement to apply and demonstrate God’s truths through everyday living. Our class members are extended family to each other and faithfully pray for one another and minister to each other. We are located on the first floor across from the Pastor’s study.

Sanctuary Class

We meet in the church sanctuary. This class is comprised of people from a wide range of age groups, from 30’s to 70’s. The class is comprised primarily of couples; however, that is not a requirement to join the class.

Faith Class

Our class exist to glorify God by equipping the Saints of God to love God first and second to love our neighbor (Matt. 22:37-39). Growing in our love for Him by exploring His word that He has given us, and through that make Him known in our community and to the nations. As we seek His scripture, we look to practically apply it to our lives so that It transforms us to discern what is the will of God (Rom. 12:1-2). We understand that God gives us as His people a command to go and make disciples. (Matt. 28:16-20) Together we weekly explore how He will do that with the goal of making His name famous. Members of our class range from the age of 30’s to 60’s and are mostly married couples. We are located in the fellowship hall.

Love Class

Our class consist of widows ages 70 and older. Our class is a joyful class to be a part of. The members are dependable, faithful, and fully engage in discussions about the lesson each Sunday. The class is full of kindness, gentleness, and love for each other but most importantly love the Lord with lifelong wisdom and joy. Hence the name of the class.

Men’s Class

Our Sunday School class is for all Adult men who are 18 or older. Our Sunday School class is a place where men can learn the Bible together and specifically examine how it applies to us as men, the spiritual leaders of our household, and discuss and encourage each other about struggles that we, as men, face.  Our class is located upstairs in the first room on the left.

Ladies’ Class

Our class is all women who are 18 years and older.  We are located in the foyer of the Sanctuary.